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"When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them." — Marilyn Monroe

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acrophobia, alan rickman, alexander skarsgard, ashley greene, astrology, avatar, batman, being human, bellatrix lestrange, bill weasley, bowling, brisingr, camelot, candice swanepoel, cate blanchett, charlie weasley, christopher eccelston, cuddling, dale earnhardt jr, dan radcliffe, danny phantom, david tennant, dean winchester, death eaters, dexter, diet coke, disney movies, doctor who, dogma, draco malfoy, dragons, eldest, emerson drive, eragon, eric northman, family, family guy, fanfiction, flip flops, flirting, football, friends, game of thrones, gerard butler, gisele bündchen, gordon ramsay, graphic design, graphics, greek mythology, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hell's kitchen, heroes of olympus, hogwarts, house, ian mckellen, icon making, icons, ireland, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jason isaacs, julia roberts, kansas city, kansas city chiefs, kansas city royals, kasey kahne, kellan lutz, kelly clarkson, kim possible, kitchen nightmares, lord of the rings, lotr, love actually, lucius malfoy, lucius/severus, lynyrd skynyrd, magic, melanistic jaguar, men, missouri, moulin rouge, movies, music, nascar, nickelback, pansy parkinson, percy jackson, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pitbulls, potions, pride & prejudice, project runway, psych, quotes, ralph fiennes, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, romance, romeo and juliet, ron weasley, ron/draco, ron/pansy, rupert grint, sam winchester, severus snape, sex, shopping, skins, sleeping, slytherin, snape/bellatrix, snape/james, sookie stackhouse, spiderman, star wars, stephanie plum, stephen king, strawberries, superman, supernatural, the borgias, the chamber of secrets, the chronicles of narnia, the girl series, the hunger games, the secret show, the simpsons, tom felton, transformers, true blood, vampires, vincent lacrocq, writing, x-men
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